Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does It Take To Design My Website Or Other Project?

It depends on the complexity of a project (different plugins such as a gallery or calendar extension may require require tweaking and functionality checks) but we usually take from 2 - 14 working days. A project requires both parties to work hand in hand, thus we require the client to be available to evaluate a project promptly and indicate revisions to be made.

The estimated delivery period doesn't include the time delays between clients reviewing the site and communicating back and forth with us or the time it takes clients to send us the content and images. If you have the text and images on hand then a project may be completed quicker.

Where Do I Get The Content And Images From?

If you have a tight budget, then to save money you could write out the content yourself. However, we do recommend using a professional copywriter unless you're good at copywriting and you have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge - using a professional the first time is generally best.

Images should be sourced from a professional image stock website which is generally not expensive and be sure to read the licencing terms. For more information, read our guide on Copywriting and Images.

What Do You Require Before You Start Designing My Website?

Before we take a project brief and start working we first require a minimum deposit of 50% of the total project price for website packages and 100% deposit for print design projects (eg. business card design, poster design, flyer design, logo design, etc.).

After verifying the deposit and signing the project proposal documents, we then require your business details, images and text content correctly ordered and instructions on where they should go. We also need FTP access, username and password to upload the files for you (from your hosting account once you've signed up with a web hosting provider).

You need to use our recommended web host if you order a CMS website because all the settings are configured properly and it's much simpler. To find out how you can get quality hosting at an affordable rate from the business that serves us, have a look at our Web Hosting page.

What Are The Costs Involved In Designing My Website?

We've made it easy for you to select a package and the number of pages you require for you website but you are still able to be customize these packages further by adding plugins which will be quoted for separately – for available packages, view our Website Design page.

Our web design packages allow you to add basic/unformatted text and images to the website and you will need to inform us if you need additional features (eg. calendars, slide shows, etc.).

Other costs include the fees for hosting, which is a separate requirement so that you website files may be made accessible through the internet (view our web hosting page for details), and also separate domain name renewal every year which is a minimal amount (we pay your first year's '' domain cost, free!).

Do You Provide Revisions And Changes?

Yes, we provide 4 concepts in succession – meaning we first desgin the look of your website according to your guidelines and then you may revise the concept 3 times thereafter. The revisions we allow are minor text, image and colour changes to graphics as we don't redesign the entire website again. What we mean by 'design the look' is that we design the graphics first and after written approval, then we add in the content.

If you require more than three revision then we start charging for additional revisions at our design rate of R350 per hour. We encourage clients to review their website when notified so that we may make the revisions promptly. For all the legal stuff, you can view our Terms of Service.

Do You Charge A Monthly Fee Or Tie Me Into Long Contracts?

Simply put, No. Most of our projects/services are once-off payments and are yours to use, once you've settled any amounts owing (further details are in the project proposal document that will be signed before we start a project).

Hosting, marketing, SEO services, etc. may be paid for monthly but there are no contracts binding you for long periods (we may require notification of cancellation in advance if these services are offered). The contracts we use are there to provide both you and us with formal documentation as proof of our transactions so as to keep both parties happy.


What Payment Options Are Available To Me?

Our preferred method is by EFT if you live in South Africa but we also allow other safe payment options such as Credit Card (VISA, Master Card, etc.) and Ukash Vouchers through the secure medium PayFast. Our research indicates that these methods are simple and quick.

We'd Like To Use Boss Web Design's Services, Where Do We Start?

It's easy, simply select a web design package with the number of pages you would like and send us your additional requirements. If you don't know what you want then we'll advise you accordingly before sending you the project proposal documents. If you have further questions please view the Web Design Process or Contact Us.

Try and gather your content and images in the meanwhile as this is what usually causes delays in project delivery.

Important Note

Remember that we do not handle personal computer related issues - problems relating to faults with your computer will need the professional help of an IT technician. Our job is to ensure all our services are delivered and are working correctly to the best of our ability.

We'll send you links to resources and suggest materials that will help you in doing some of the most common tasks, such as updating your website. Ultimately, this will aid you in achieving online independence!