Website Builder

Get the pro website building tools free when you only pay for hosting at (discount codes are available at the bottom of our Web Hosting page).

Setup the online site builder in a few easy steps.Developing websites is no easy task and if you feel you've got the skills and would rather build a website yourself then our web host's online website builder is what you need. In a few easy steps you can have a website up and running for a extremely low price per month (approximately R70 - R80 depending on exchange rates).

Important Note: We can't mention names but this website creator is the same (or even better) online site builder that other South African and international firms charge clients for. How do we know this? We know this because we've looked through the code on some competitor web pages and found out! Rest assured that you'll be getting this service from one of the largest international providers.

You can build your own website in South Africa and get the tools at an affordable price.There aren't many design firms out there that even offer a web builder service but we feel we should allow our customers to choose. If you've got a relitavely small business then building a website yourself will be the most cost effective option.

Building the website yourself will mean looking through some simple tutorials when you feel the urge to learn how to fully utilize everything. If you're a big enough business, then you should definately invest in us custom designing a website for you since it will be something you own.

The website building tools come with a number of professional templates to get you started.The website builder is a tool that comes with the hosting provider (separate entity from us) and thus, you'll need to pay monthly for this service. There are a large variety of professional templates that can be built on with the online web creation software so you can get up and running quicker!

There are many options available for you to customize your site so wait no further and get clicking. To get your hands on these web building tools, you need to head over and get hosting first through the following page: Web Hosting.