Website Design Durban Packages

We have website designers South Africa able to build you a custom site with additions or you could try our website builder.View the pricing of our website design packages South Africa to give you an idea.

After the first page, each additional page is R200 (Professional CMS) or R250 (Enterprise CMS) depending on the package you select. Note: web packages above for the Professional CMS are reduced further.

Our packages allow a lot of flexibility as well as cater to varying budgets. One vital aspect to keep in mind is that our work is not cheap and that's for a good reason - if you pay next to nothing then you'll get next to nothing.
Unlike cheap website designers in Durban, we provide websites that not only work but also look good at the same time.

We design websites that work, hence you don't receive similar cheap work that you might expect from other designers - likewise you shouldn't expect the same cheap price tag.

Template (CMS)
- In this package we design the 'look' of the Joomla CMS website (the template) and will send you the template package which you will need to upload yourself. In addition you'll need to setup everything and create pages yourself. A Template would suit an individual who wants a custom design and doesn't want to pay monthly for a website builder.

Professional (CMS) - This is a complete CMS website package with SEO. We custom design a professional look and setup your website which you can manage and update yourself. If you choose not to manage it then it will still be a fully functioning professional website.

Enterprise (CMS) - This is also a complete website with SEO but it has the above additional extensions integrating social media like Facebook and Google Maps. We also pay major attention to detail and can integrate patterns or enhanced graphics into the design.

website-additionsWe also offer special features such as slide shows, Image Galleries, Calendars, Facebook Pages, Google Maps and a few other extensions which can be added separately. It allows your site to look great but at the same time keep things simple and running effectively.

Decide on the web design package and the extras you would like - then Contact Us!

Choose a package and additions you require.

Services Offered By Boss Web Design Company

We're a Durban website design company specializing in the following web development:
business websites, personal blogs and custom Joomla CMSs (Content Management Systems – meaning anybody with a little know-how can manage it). We engage in installation and other custom development requirements for your business. Our CMS web designs are done in Joomla allowing you greater control over you site and the ability to make changes and update the website yourself. If you need our company for custom additions including linking Joomla to the many add-ons available such as image galleries, contact forms, online calendars and slide shows – then let us know.

The other major CMS is Wordpress and from personal experience, it's not as great as Joomla – a Wordpress CMS may be easy to use for novice users (which is what most people say) but in terms of Durban website designing and custom development, it isn't the best. Joomla is easier to use and structured better.

We provide a variety of services in South Africa including setting up your email addresses when you get a web page design project in Durban from us (and use our recommended web host). We don’t work on sites designed by other firms because many companies have poor coding skills which becomes a daunting task to work with.

We'd be happy to provide web services that don't require us to work on previously built web pages such as Facebook Page setups. We're Durban website designers that can help your local or international business achieve a valuable online presence.

Joomla CMS Websites

A fairly large website that needs updates frequently or even a small site requires a CMS for flexibility. Content Management Systems allow the user to update a website on their own and save on professional designer costs.

A CMS website is also ideal for SEO purposes and does not require an extensive amount of time to update, thus it also saves you money in the long run. We offer the Joomla CMS platform which is known to accomodate complex sites better. The other CMS platform is Wordpress and it actually isn't as great as other website designers might say.

Both platforms are extremely popular though we know the pros and cons of each and would generally utilize Joomla to design a website for most businesses owing to it's simplicity.