Copywriting & Images

Copywriting Guidelines

The purpose behind a website is to inform your target audience and sell your products/services but to reach your target audience you're going to need to know a few basics.

If you hope to get your website ranking high in search engines then, most importantly, you're going to need provide quality content! By quality, we mean useful to readers and as unique as possible, as search engines have advanced enough to the point that they're able to detect duplicate content across your website and even the rest of the Internet (so it's best not to steal/copy content from another website).

For your home page, try and put together 500 – 600 words that are optimized with your brand name as well as keywords/phrases that you want to rank for. In terms of optimizing, we don't mean repeat keywords/phrases excessively because search engines are able to detect bad practices like that too (your website could even get banned from a search engine for doing this) so write content that real humans would find helpful and where possible, try and fit in your keywords/phrases.
Also, remember to paragraph and layout your information while using headings accordingly.

Most users might still find it difficult to write search engine friendly content or maybe they might not even have the time – in this situation, we suggest getting a professional copywriter with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge if you don't mind paying a little extra (a Google search for such a professional will yield a host of possibilities). This should lay a good foundation for your website to rank well, naturally.

Sourcing Professional Images

Professional images and graphic elements on a web page help to convey positive subliminal messages to website users, so one would find it in their best interest to source high quality images. Not only that but it makes your website look better and seem more professional than an ordinary website.

We've mentioned a few places below where you'll be able to find great images but remember to take note of the licensing terms of each image. Unfortunately, you sometimes find web designers that disregard many of the restrictions imposed on images as well as those that make use of images illegally without paying for it. We respect the copyrights of others as this is not only ethical but it also ensures that you don't face leagal issues in future for copyright infringement.

You should always make sure that you are authorised to use the images you send to us and also keep in mind size requirements (an image that needs to go next to a paragraph of text may not need to be very big but a background image on the other hand might need to be the size of the entire screen).

A few websites that you could source professional images from include:

Our website design packages usually incorporate basic stock photography and images but if you require more, then the above websites are a few of the popular stock image providers to visit.

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