Web Design Process

1) Assess Your Needs

First determine your needs depending on your business, such as how many pages you need and what should be on those pages, or ask us for advice. We build you a Joomla CMS (Content Management System) which is a website you can manage and update by yourself after you've learnt and become familiar with the basics.

A CMS is perfect, especially if your website needs updates more frequently - you can learn to update it yourself and save on costs!

Note that we require you to host with the web host we use because their server settings are optimal and safe – believe it or not, other hosts don't always configure their servers correctly and thus we run into many problems when installing the CMS so it's best to use a tried and tested web host.

2) Get A Free Quote

Contact us and give us the web design package your want with any additional requirements, we'll then give you a formal quote. Once you've got your free quote then inform us when you wish to proceed so we may send you the website design proposal document.

Note that quotes are valid for a maximum of 3 days since we regularly get new bookings and might not have time to do your webiste if you respond at a much later date.

3) Complete The Forms

We'll send you the proposal document to be signed and e-mailed back to us. Remember to complete your personal and business details fully because we may need this information if we're registering a domain name for you.

4) Make The Deposit

Please deposit a minimum of 50% of the total amount (for website projects) as this is necessary for us to start work. Time is our asset so we don't start any projects without payment. The remainder of the amount is due before we transfer the files to the web host and make the website live (publicly viewable). Other jobs (print materials, etc.) may require the full amount upfront.

We'll send you the banking details after the proposal document is signed and received.
Note that depending on your payment method, it may take some time to verify any funds received.

5) Send Us The Website Content

Firstly, fill in the design brief which is a few questions that outline how you'd like design of your website to look. Next, provide us with the text and images to put on your website (via e-mail).

The text must be in a Microsoft Word document and correctly formatted (we don't proof read or correct your mistakes and there is a word limit of 1000 words per page) – remember to indicate what text should go where on each of the pages and use paragraphs appropriately.

Images must be sent in JPEG or PNG format and it must be indicated which images should go where on each of the pages (we do not edit your images other than basic resizing and there is a limit of 2 images per page).

Please read the licensing terms of the content you send to us as it is your responsibility to make sure you're allowed to use it. For tips on writing your content and getting professional images read our guide on Copywriting & Images.

6) Get Hosting And A Domain Name For Your Website

You should actually setup your web hosting before sending us your content because you need to have hosting before you can register a domain name.

Once you've signed up for hosting then tell us the number and names of the emails you want so we can create them (we'll need access to your hosting account for this – we will not be held liable for any damages arising from accessing your account since this is a courtesey service and you may elect to do this yourself). For details, view our Web Hosting page.

It's especially important to use our web hosting provider when you're building a CMS website because of the many settings and PHP requirements that need to be configured. The first reason to use our host is installation is made easier since all the CMS requirements are met and if there are any problems we'll know how to deal with it since our websites run on similar servers. Secondly, they provide online support and if you have any problems then you may chat to an advisor.

The problem with hosting elsewhere is that they draw you in with cheap prices but only later do you find that they, for example, limit the number of databases, emails, bandwidth, storage space and so forth.

If you need to move your existing domain name to the new hosting account, please inform your old host that you intend doing so and then the new host can submit a transfer ticket to the domain registrar. Hosting companies cannot liase with each other by law and must transact through the domain registrar to move domains.

7) We Start Designing

We get to work once all the above have been done and you may expect delivery in 2 – 14 working days (excluding time delays in getting content to us, client reviewing design concepts or setting up hosting, etc.).

We first design the look of the website so that clients get a feel for how it will look before hand – remember that this is not the complete website. The design concept is sent to you as an image or could be uploaded temporarily on our website.

The concept may be revised 3 times and after you've confirmed you're happy and given written approval of the design, then we insert text, images and the rest. Additional changes outside the 3 revisions provided will be quoted for separately.

8) Settle Any Outstanding Amounts

Once the content is inserted and approved in writing then you need to pay any outstanding amounts before we upload and make the website publicly viewable. Only once the project is completely payed for do you gain the right to legally use the website.


9) We Publish The Website

When everything is settled and you've given us access to your hosting account, we'll upload the files to your hosting server. We will not be held liable for any damages from accessing your hosting account since uploading is done as a courtesey service and you may choose to upload the files yourself instead of having us do it.

If you have an old website running on your account then remember to make a backup of it and any other files on the server because installing a CMS has to be done in real time and cannot be done before hand so old files will get replaced.



- For common questions and answers, read our Website Design FAQs.